…Oh, and one more thing….

This was what I did for 22 years. This was filmed in NYC, specifically the South Bronx, in 1986 for WCBS. I began working in Brooklyn not long afterward, but had been working in Manhattan prior. Take what you see here, put it in Brooklyn, and you get a good idea of what EMS life was like in NYC back then, before Times Square became Disney-fied, before gentrification began sweeping the city, before Giuliani, and before 9/11, when everything changed…


Deep End Diving….

So, I have now been officially out of work since October of last year. It wasn’t so much of a jolt losing the inane, mind numbing, soul leeching excuse for a job, as I saw the writing on the wall several months beforehand. Some friends said to quit. I said, “Let them fire me. I’ll need the unemployment to survive, and the COBRA to keep alive.” I had a liver transplant almost 16 years ago, so health insurance, in whatever form, was, and will always be essential. In grand scheme of things though, it was a relief; the removal of a stone around my neck, and being freed from a group of incompetent managers who didn’t know their ass from their elbow.

if you must know, it was inbound technical support for a major cable company, via an outsourcing company. I did gain some major insight as to how the cable and entertainment industries work in this country. If you think that you’re being railroaded by your local cable or satellite company, I can guarantee you that it’s true. Here’s some advice: Cut the cord. There are so many other options these days, it’s not worth paying what essentially amounts to extortion.
Now, here I am, July of 2013, still no full-time job, but really I’m happy, for mainly two reasons. First, I’m getting back into freelance writing, and as I mentioned before, voice-over work, which will help me be independent financially. I’m also producing and writing a documentary film project on my former EMS career. This is the single most exciting project I’ve been involved with in a long, long time.

Above all that, I have found the love of a wonderful woman, who saved my life during a time that everything else seemed to be falling to pieces, especially my marriage, which was in the throes of disintegration. Two and a half years down the road together, and I’m now taking a leap of faith, going in together on a house, and one month from now, moving to Syracuse, NY. It’s just 90 minutes east down I-90, but it’s a huge jump for me. I am putting my trust in someone enough again to want to live with them. My gut tells me it’s the right thing to do. A different city. A new start. Someone I can share it with in a new way.

He steps up to the diving platform….