Things to do in Syracuse when you have insomnia

Watch Anthony Bourdain videos, because, well, I’ve been on a Bourdain kick of late.

Popping up on Facebook chat to see who else is suffering from the same malady as you are at 3:34 in the very a_m.

Figuring out what what questions to ask the subject of your next possible article that you’re going to do a preliminary interview with – in the next four hours, mind you – while all the while wondering how you’re going to make that big pitch to The Atlantic.

Bone up on the group that the subject of the interview belongs to – which is really the subject of the group in the first place.

Figure out how you’re going to get at least another two or so hours of sleep, as you need to be at the place where the group is meeting at 7:30…in the very a_m.