It’s always something…

The first year post transplant. One big “shit happens” moment, and it did last week. Somehow, somewhere, I picked up both a bacterial and viral infection that landed me in the hospital for close to a week. A few weeks beforehand, my liver enzymes began creeping up, and as it happened, corresponded to when they reduced my immunosuppresion medications. It’s normal to do this, but it’s not an exact science. I thought for sure I was headed for rejection, which actually happened before, during my first transplant back in 2002 (I was transplanted in 1997).

I felt fine at first, no symptoms whatsoever. then about ten days ago, out of nowhere started the chills, but initially no fever. I called my transplant coordinate and it was decided that I should make the trip down the Thruway to Strong as a precaution. Fortunately, I was directly admitted as opposed to spending an interminable amount of time in the ED. By the time I got in there, my fever was registering at 102F, and I was feeling pretty lousy. Twenty-four hours later, all that changed.

I was connected to an IV and given IV antibiotics, one in particular, Daptomycin, is a new class of them, and is akin to an atomic bomb to bacteria. It has no known resistance (yet), and works quickly and efficiently…


To be continued…



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