Jewish Telegram: “Begin worrying. Details to follow!”

So before anything else, let me say that I love my mother…dearly. She is an incredibly strong woman, having endured so much in her 87 years of life.The death of two husbands, beating back breast cancer three times, among other challenges. And, oh yes, her older child’s (that would be me) frequent health battles, starting in childhood.

This being the case, it still drives me mad when she worries about things that either haven’t  happened yet, or that she has no control over. She makes Howard Wolowitz’s mother (from Big Bang Theory) look like a rank amateur. Case in point: Coronavirus.

Now mind you, I spent 23 years in healthcare. I’ve been exposed to everything from TB, to HIV, to Hep C. It came with the territory. Using PPE (personal protective equipment) was par for the course with being a paramedic. My mother knows also that given my immune system being suppressed because of my liver transplants, I’m not one to take chances when it comes to hanging around potentially sick people.

All that however has gone out the window now that coronavirus is the latest illness du jour. No, I’m not making fun of it. I understand that it is a potentially pretty serious disease. BUT, my mother is taking things to extreme. She is worrying herself sick that I’m going to catch it, even though there have been no reported cases in my neck of the woods. All that means nothing to her.

She is the epitome of the Jewish mother. If she didn’t have things to worry about, I think she would be bored to tears. I love my mother, I love my mother, I love my mother….

2 thoughts on “Worrisome…..

  1. Well my friend, I hear your refrain; mine is I love my father, I love my father, lol ! I actually look forward to going out to work just to breathe without him following,or truth be told, bellowing for me . Never mind that his aide is sitting 2 feet from him !
    But that is an aside. I can relate to your mothers concern, simply by virtue of being a mother myself. I, like you, have worked in healthcare since we DIDN’T routinely wear gloves. Now that I have 2 of my 3 kids working in healthcare as well, I too worry about them, I just keep it to myself.
    Look at it as the testament to a Mother’s love and your mom’s intact mental status. Love you brother !
    PS- Wash your hands ! 🙃

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