They has the dumb

So, what do these three people have in common?
A woman who opens her driver’s side door and leaves it open.
A guy on a bike that swerves into an intersection.
A guy at a crosswalk, head buried in his phone, who decides at the last second to cross the street.

Answer? They all has the dumb. And, they all did their dumb in front of me while I was driving today. One being dumb is bad enough, but three? Well, they say bad news (and deaths) come in threes, so why not people being dumb? It also validates my belief that so many of the calls I responded to in EMS were people who caused their own problems because…they has the dumb.

Fortunately for them (and more importantly for me) my emergency vehicle (EVOC) training kicked in, and I was able to avoid what might have been a disaster all three times, of course at the expense of a little more wear on my brake pads. Small price to pay in the grand scheme of things.

So, I beg all of you out there to not have the dumb, and learn from the examples above.

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