Settled in, but completely unsettled

Between preparing to make the move to Syracuse at the end of August, the actual move, getting things organized in the house, and of course, still trying to find a job, I’ve neglected this blog. Horribly, I might add. Time to end that, and do what I do best: Write.

One of the good things that happened just before August settled in, was getting an article published in Subculture. It’s a piece on medical tattooing, and while I’m usually overly critical of my own work, this time I’m actually proud of it. Unfortunately, it’s not on the website of the magazine, but that’s by design. I negotiated a lower fee for myself in order to get copyright to the piece in my name. I normally wouldn’t do that, but I knew this editor from his time with the local Gannett newspaper in Rochester. He moved on, writing for another paper, but also started this venture with a friend, and through a series of discussions he contracted with me to write this piece. it’s still a fairly new publication, so I cut him some slack.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t honored our contract in terms of paying me said fee, which he should have been done months ago. I’m weighing my options at this point, and I’m not happy about them. Part of the reason of keeping copyright is so that I can shop it around to other publications. I already have one in mind, but as I’ve never had to do something like this before, I’ll be seeking out advice from some writer editor friends.

Now for the truly unsettling part: My unemployment runs out in one week. On the plus side, my contact here in Syracuse got me in touch with some possible positions. Two development positions, and speaking on my behalf to a local editor with the “alternative” newspaper here in town. Still have to do some follow-up, but at least it’s a start.

Even more unsettling? My mom’s breast cancer is back after 15 years. Surgery scheduled for 10/18, but, as in the past two times, the tumor is incredibly minuscule. She’s become the poster child for early detection, and a good deal of the credit goes to her docs at Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan. They are often ranked either #1 or #2 in the country for cancer treatment, and as far as myself and my family are concerned, they deserve it. They have saved her life twice before, and I have no reason to doubt that they’ll do it again now.

Now all I have to do is find a decent subject to write about here in Syracuse to start things off.